What are the tips for writing a powerful covering letter ?

The cover letter is one of the most important documents required by companies when they start recruiting. It is therefore a crucial part of your application for a job, internship or training course. It's important to note that it gives you the opportunity to stand out from other applicants because it highlights your motivation, your skills and your suitability for the opportunity in question. To learn how to write a cover letter that will make a strong impression on the recruiter, read on.

Personalising each cover letter

One of the common mistakes jobseekers make is to use a generic cover letter for several applications. Crafting cover letters that make an impact is what you need to do to maximise your chances. You should be aware that using a generic cover letter for several applications is a mistake that has a negative impact on your application file and devalues your profile. That's why it's advisable to personalise each letter according to the vacancy, the company or the establishment. What's more, the letter should include specific details that show that you have a proven track record. 

Start writing with a convincing introduction

The first tip for producing an impeccable letter is to write an introduction that grabs the recruiter's attention. To do this, use an intriguing opening sentence, a relevant anecdote or an inspiring quote to pique the reader's interest. The more your letter grabs the recruiter's attention, the more likely you are to be selected for a job interview. Once your introduction is well written, the next step is to demonstrate your knowledge of the company or establishment. In fact, this is very important, as it shows that you have a thorough understanding of the organisation. You should express your values, culture, recent projects or current challenges. This will attest to your seriousness and show that you are committed to the application process.

Highlighting skills and achievements

The core of a letter should highlight the candidate's skills that are relevant to the position to be covered. To do this, it is advisable to use concrete examples of your past experience to back up your claims. Make sure you also mention any specific achievements that are relevant to the position. You should also take the time to explain how your background, skills and personality make you the perfect candidate for the job. Highlight your passion, determination and unique skills that set you apart from other candidates to position yourself as the ideal candidate.

Adopt a positive attitude and be proactive

A positive attitude is essential throughout the cover letter. You should express your enthusiasm for the opportunity to join the company or establishment. What's more, you should show that you are prepared to make an active contribution to the company's success. As far as your interpersonal skills are concerned, these must be mentioned in the letter. These are skills related to communication, problem-solving, time management, teamwork, and so on. These skills are invaluable in virtually any role.

Reread the letter several times and correct any spelling or grammatical errors

Impeccable content is necessary to increase your chances of being selected. To do this, you should avoid spelling and grammatical errors by rereading your letter several times. If necessary, ask a friend or relative to take a look at it and get their opinion on the content. Be concise and to the point, as most recruiters prefer cover letters that fit on a single page. So use words that add value to your letter. Finally, actively invite the recruiter to contact you to discuss your application and express your availability for an interview or further questions. It's also important to remember that each cover letter should be unique and tailored to each opportunity.

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