What do you need to know about the purpose, method of payment and validity of the Bonaire visitor tax ?

Weekends and holidays are times when many people like to enjoy themselves. To do this, they choose to travel to island destinations around the world. One of these is Bonaire, an island region in the Caribbean. Visiting Bonaire is subject to payment of a tax known as the tourist tax. This article explains the purpose of this tax, how it is paid and how long it is valid.

The purpose of tourist tax on the island of Bonaire

The creation of the Bonaire entry tax payment is not a trivial matter. On the contrary, the tax was introduced in the summer of 2022 for very specific reasons.

Preserving nature and marine life

The island of Bonaire receives an impressive number of visitors every year. During their visits, these visitors engage in a number of activities that tend to degrade the island's ecosystem, including its environment. To avoid the worst, the island's authorities need to mobilise funds to preserve the nature of this wonderful Caribbean tourist destination. The aquatic species in the island's waters are in danger, and it is equally important to safeguard them. Since visitors are partly responsible for the degradation of this island, the authorities have created this tax, which will be invested in its preservation.

Developing the island

To develop the island of Bonaire, the authorities need to build infrastructures that will in turn be exploited by the population. Unfortunately, the island has no mineral or natural resources apart from its geographical location and the ocean. To avoid sinking into poverty and underdevelopment, the authorities have set up a fund that will be bolstered by the taxes paid by visitors to the island. The funds collected will be used to build schools for children and finance local businesses on the island. The taxes will also be used to organise festivals on the island to attract as many visitors as possible and, in turn, collect enough taxes.

How to pay tourist tax on the island of Bonaire

To pay tourist tax on the island of Bonaire, you need to visit a website set up for this purpose by the authorities in this region. First, you fill in the online questionnaire, which requires you to state your identity, date of birth and email address. You then need to fill in the details of your trip to the island. This involves specifying the main activity you want to carry out. We recommend that at least five members of your family fill in the questionnaire, so that we can find you in the event of loss or problems.

After this stage, you need to pay the tourist tax on the dedicated platform using your credit card or other means of payment. If the tax is not accepted by the platform, it will be refunded in full. This refund also applies to people who cancel their trip. As soon as you confirm payment of the fee, you will receive a QR code in your inbox. Print it out and keep it, as it will be very useful when you land on the island.

Period of validity of tourist tax on the island of Bonaire

Tourist tax on the island of Bonaire is paid only once a year when a visitor wishes to land in this region. It is therefore valid for one year for anyone wishing to enter or leave the island in the course of a single year. However, foreigners are allowed to live on the island for a maximum of 90 days.

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