The most demanding countries in terms of vaccine pass

To avoid the large-scale spread of covid, some countries require security measures before access to their territories. Even if the vaccination campaign is stepped up, the virus does not easily back down from measures. That said, to travel to certain destinations, visitors must have a vaccination pass. Discover these countries in this article.

Vaccination pass for Germany and Austria

Austria is one of the most stringent countries when it comes to proof of vaccination against covid 19. First of all, within the country, access to public places is conditioned by the presentation of proof of vaccination against the virus. So, very strictly, foreigners must prove that they are harmless when entering the territory. This proof is provided by presenting the vaccination pass or a proof of recovery from covid 19.
In Germany, the same measure is in force. In order to visit shops and public places, a vaccination pass is required. Even places of leisure, bars and restaurants are not visited without a vaccination pass. The same rule is imposed on visitors.

France and Latvia

At the beginning, France only required a health pass, which allowed people to travel and visit favorite places. However, since the end of January, the vaccination pass is in force. It should be noted that this privilege is only granted when the subject is fully vaccinated. In any case, access to public places is conditioned by the effective presentation of the vaccination pass. Thus, to access terraces, cafes, restaurants, it is necessary to carry the vaccine pass.
For Latvia, it is the same measures. In order to be free to move, the authorities require the presentation of the vaccination pass. Both workers and students must show proof of vaccination or recovery from the virus. These are measures developed by these countries to limit the damage of covid.